Hatha Yoga is the science of physical and mental harmony. It prepares the system for spiritual awakening and is a therapeutic science of health. Hatha practice is slower and gentler where one can concentrate deeper on the breath. Performing asana everyday will transform the body on a molecular level, producing higher states of consciousness and prevent dis-ease and old age from taking over.   
  Yoga can treat what medical science is not able to meet. As a teacher of yoga, taking the student further into the spiritual domain of life is my duty. Improving physical conditions isn't enough. We need to teach what will transform. The student's psychological state has to change while improving mental health. The freedom from bondage of mind will eliminate bondage from body. Our systems and organs depend on healthy positive/negative charges or flows in energy. Human beings today are suffering from mental and physical diseases more than any other time throughout history of man. Let us get on the mat and transform our Beings for a better tomorrow. I believe in you. Believe in yourself.
    Recognize your true nature. Refrain from excessive consumption, especially food and media. Our body is energy and we are spirit. Purifying the body releases energy blocks thus creating purity in the mind. 

~Every Tuesday night @ 7:15pm, Somatic Yin Yoga by Candlelight

Please park across street in the eye doctor lot, on 17th street or the office directly at the corner of 17th and Ford Ave.