Hatha yoga is the science of physical and mental harmony. It prepares the system for spiritual awakening and is a very therapeutic science of health. I prefer hatha practice because for me it is slower and more gentle and I can really concentrate on where my breath is going in the body. Practicing will transform the bodies physical molecules producing higher states of consciousness and prevent disease and old age from taking over.   
  In my experience with practicing yoga there's a knowing that it can definitely reverse and eliminate all kinds of defects and diseases in the human body. Yoga can treat what medical science is not able to meet. As a teacher of yoga, taking the student further into the spiritual domain of life is our duty. Improving physical conditions isn't enough. We need to teach what will transform.  The student's psychological state has to change while improving mental health. The freedom from the bondage of mind will eliminate bondage from the body. There is a positive and negative flow of energy flowing through your body and up your spine at all times. When these become blocked or suppressed, dis-ease will result in your body. Our systems and organs depend on healthy positive/negative charges or flows in energy. Human beings today are suffering from mental and physical diseases more than any other time throughout history of man. Please understand this is caused by disharmony in the energetic systems of our body which are composed of energy.    
  We really need to begin looking at things a little different in this day and age as far as how we view our bodies, the consumption and quality of what we are eating, and coming to understand our true nature. Our body is energy and we are spirit. Purifying the body will release energy blocks thus creating purity in the mind. Please understand yoga is not just asanas (postures) and breathing, these are only a portion to reach the union of mind, body, and soul. Keeping a regular practice everyday when I wake has taught me to transform my suffering. My body and life continue to reap the many benefits that yoga has to offer. I lived for 7 months in India attending the Teachers Training course at the Sivananda Ashram in Netala in the Himalayas and attended classes under Surinder Singh in Rishikesh. HARI OM
                                                BEHIND EVERY SICK BEING IS A SPIRITUAL BEING.

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