​    My journey with herbs began in 2003 when I first started massage school. I began taking dandelion root and have been taking it since for weight management and Liver/Gallbladder health. Plant Medicine has become an obsession of sort. The way the herbs work with the body and specifically the organs is beyond fascinating to me. After 18 years of dreaming of working with a cadaver, in 2023 I was able to work on 2 bodies and take all their organs out on a tray and played for hours in ecstatic joy. The way we ingest the herbs by tea or tincture and the way they effect our nervous system and ever other system we are working to treat or heal is an absolute miracle. When you can actually see the inside of the body and the brain in the raw and then imagine these plant medicines going in to to sustain life and enhance the vibration and frequency of each organ, it's my reason for living.  
    I created an entire line of teas specific to each organ to detox and replenish the cells for optimal function and health. Creating custom plant medicines for each client depending on what their body needs during a session is one of my specialities. During our session on the table, I will do some Organ Therapy with massage and Visceral Manipulation before feeling and assessing what herbs you need.  
    All products are small batch and made in sync with the cycles of the moon and infused with the different reiki symbols.  Each product is blessed by Amazonian Mapacho and sung prayers to ensure a safe spiritual delivery to you.

    Teas start at $15 for 1.1 ounces.  Grief Oil is $25 for 2 ounces.  More pictures/products coming soon!!!