Our body needs live nourishment to exist. Enzymes are the key. They help us to digest and absorb food into our blood. They are apart of Cosmic Energy present in every molecule and atom in the human body as well as every life form. We need to properly select foods that have life and live enzymes. When we cook our food, we deaden the enzymes which deaden the energy entering our body and the oxygen is lost. Our body then digests this yucky dead energy and we feel sluggish with low energy...yuck! I want to feel happy and full of life so I can enjoy everyday to the fullest. Drinking fresh organic juice, wheatgrass, and fresh organic protein smoothies in the morning or throughout the day is so refreshing and cleansing. Not to mention the nutrients kick right into the blood stream and your boost of energy is granted. But don't forget to add in your COCONUT OIL so you get your good fat for the day. You cannot digest protein without fat! Have a shot or spoon full of coconut oil with your fresh juice or add it to your smoothie to activate the greatness! Fat feeds your brain!!! Feeling sluggish? Then chances are you are not getting enough good fats into your diet. Mother nature created protein and fat together. Think about it! Eggs, meat/fat, milk/cream.
  Think about this...the amount of prescription drugs people take for pain or discomfort...hospitals are becoming overcrowded...high rates of cancer and diabetes...the root of all is what we are putting into our bodies. Our food and drink. Come on, snap out of it and into a life of high vibrating health and glory. Start to clear your body of it's dis-ease and feel your best ever NOW with fresh organic juices, fat induced smoothies, and live enzymes everyday.
  I highly recommend the book by N.W. Walker. It is called Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Juices. This book was one of the first books that began my journey into outstanding health and healing. I still pull it off the shelf for the incredible knowledge in it.