Thank you for visiting This Sacred Space. Here I am free to share knowledge that I have obtained throughout my life experience and am open to share my souls passion's with you. This has been an extremely interesting spiritual journey here on Earth. I have found that SPIRIT, GOD, LIFE, and CONSCIOUSNESS are the greatest things available to us here. Opening our hearts to the essence that we truly are, DIVINE LOVE, will give way to our true identity... pure spirit.​ 
  Today, I can honestly say that through continuously healing myself and my spirit with natural herbs, juice therapy, massage and yoga, I lead a terrific life. I continue to detox regularly with natural juice, herbs and colon hydrotherapy. I am very blessed with the most beautiful friends and family and feel the best that I have EVER felt before. My passion is meeting people in that space where they feel they need a change and serving them information that will further them along either through talking or bodywork. It is a very sacred space in the soul where things in their being are about to shift toward their highest good. I only speak from my experiences and do not intend to serve information that is harmful, only helpful. 
  My life is dedicated to teaching massage/bodywork and furthering my career in alternative/energy medicine and opening an international center for holistic health/life. Our vision of a more peaceful world begins inside our own being. We are the creator's and we have the power of choice to create what we want to envision. I am forever grateful to GOD, Spirit, Consciousness that dwell in every breathing force here in this world and other dimensions. I feel blessed with grace to be surrounded with such wonderful elements of life. Thank you for inspiring me to grow and learn. 

Sat Nam, Noor