Our Bodies are walking autobiographies of our entire lives lived up until the present moment. They tell a story to the outside world what stresses that we have faced, what state we are in mentally, spiritually and energetically. The body never lies. It tells a truth stronger than words. Viewing the body as a whole complete living organism is the key to healing.

  With an in person session, I work with many different modalities from over twenty years of experience and several countries visited for training. There is no one session that is the same, even when you come for treatment week after week with the packages offered. Below is a list of techniques and therapies that are blended together for the Shamanic Bodywork sessions. I specialize in Deep Tissue Energy Healing.

**Amazonian Plant Medicine (Iquitos,Pulcullpa, Peru) 2016

**Herbal Therapies & Nutrition

**Craniosacral Therapy (taught to me from Irene Gauthier who taught along side John Upledger himself.)

**Polarity Therapy (7 years of training w/ John Bodary, Karen Kerns)

**Yoga/Meditation  (lived & received training at Sivananda in Netela, Himalayas, India and Surinder Singh in Rishikesh.) 2007

**Reiki/Energy Balancing (RMT training w/ Sue Burton-Hidalgo) 2003

**Myofascial Release

**Cupping/Guasha stone/scraping (studied in Beijing, China) 2005

**Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage

**Lymphatic Drainage

**Trigger Point Therapy

**Tuina Chinese Massage (National Training Center in Beijing, China) 2009

**Visceral Manipulation (organ massage)