It is through the deep suffering that I have already encountered that I can truly understand and have compassion for people and situations around me.  Noor

  Ultimately we all seek to find a certain happiness in ourselves and life. But in order to fulfill this great quest for happiness, we have to look at this suffering. If we choose not to look, it's like running away from our shadow. It's still going to be there no matter what you do to get away.

  Meditation brings us back to our true identity, our true nature which is stillness and peace.  Why meditate? To experience what it's like to be ALIVE. Not going through the motions of life, but really living, while still having a deep sense of peace within.  When your mind becomes clear of the hopes and fears, there comes a much deeper sense of understanding about yourself which feels so familiar. Something that has been there all along.  How to meditate?  1. sit comfortably and relax. 2. spine is erect like you are lifting up, out of you hip bones. 3. dim your eyes while focusing on tip of nose. 4. focus taking deep belly breaths. Inhale, belly out, Exhale, draw belly button towards spine. Whatever thoughts come, let them.  Just breathe into them to calm them which in turn will calm your emotions creating less stress in the body and mind. Your thoughts will not fade away, they will only fade into the background as your attention is focused on the breath of life that has been with you since birth in this dimension.  

  Hindu Meditation: " I have a body, but I am not my body; I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts; I have a mind, but I am not my mind."  sit and concentrate on this affirmation.  Repeat it out loud.