"Em walks the talk.  Em is one of us, an every-woman, an extraordinary woman. She is a soul with many chapters and layers with her own  “stuff”, yet...

On my first encounter with Em she had just returned from one of many studies abroad (India/China). She was stranger to me, but I felt a kinship as she coursed through the crowd at Detroit's Jazz Fest. As if a river breeze her radiant energy wafted from her being a spirit at home in all elements, all cultures. She a crowd calming balm whose aura emanated from center shining a love light on all who gazed upon her.

 Em's wisdoms as healer, teacher and facilitator were learned as pilgrim when she walked her own battered soul on life's causeways. She through her own fire-walk's and studies has mastered much of the soul’s curriculum. She knows as she has lived it. She has taken the burn, shattered the obstacles to peruse her own healing and wholeness.
She has tempered and tamed the flame through her own relentless pursuit of the study of healing arts and traditions.  She was the wounded healer, who loves in  “little ways” to attain healing and transformation.

Em has found her way, now it is her work to guide us on the path. Em is a fierce apostle of peace.

 She walked into my world as a spiritual intuitive, identified the broken in me and guided me to journey towards my own wholeness. She showed me how to walk with her as a sister, casting aside my limitations to soar higher. Em invites us to our own wholeness. She stirs us like the elements to change and grow and pursue our own inner whispers. She urges us to tend to our callus to heal the world by healing self. As she says in her mantra,  “World Peace Through Inner Peace.” Em has created a Sacred Space (http://www.thissacredspace.net/ ) to tend to our greatest and most urgent calling. "


~Collette Cullen- educator, author, actor.