*In the picture above is Irene Simonen Gauthier, my teacher, my friend. This was her 90th birthday party in June 2010 at the school where we broke the World Book record for the largest massage chain EVER.   

  I am a graduate of Irene's Myomassology Institute. Irene's was the gateway to changing my life for eternity. It has brought a great awareness into my being about each one of my organs and systems of the body and has put me deeply in touch with other people's bodies and souls. Myomassology and Energy Medicine need to be used regularly as preventative methods to keep our bodies healthy. Below are some of the health benefits involved with getting a massage:

~Improves circulation and nutrition to connective tissue and joints.
~Improves ROM (range of motion) and flexibility.
~Reduces stress and tension.
~Massage is a great cleanser for all systems in the body. It pushes lymph along and will eliminate toxins and waste quicker so they are not lurking around in your intestines and organs.
~Increases blood supply for repair and growth in muscles and bones.
~Light massage or energy balancing can speed up healing and is comforting after surgeries.                                             
                                       "IT'S MORE THAN JUST RUB, RUB, RUB."   ~Irene


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