HAPPY BELLY=HAPPY MIND=HAPPY SOUL. Some people find abdominal massage completely relaxing while others finding it a bit uneasy. Your "belly" stores your soul and all your lovely organs that keep your body running. It is beneficial to know what state your organs are in at all times so you can always be aware of your own health and take responsibility for you. When low back pain occurs, it is necessary to work very carefully on the psoas and iliopsoas muscles that reside deep beneath the abdominal wall near the navel (belly button). Another beneficial technique would be to release both sides of the muscles and gently stretch and lengthen the rectus sheath and any fascial restrictions that may bind around your gut. If you are unable to push your finger tips underneath the rib cage, the fascia is too tight and needs to have some myofascial release (soft tissue therapy) applied. 
  Some people's intestines are so packed with crap, literally, that it is almost impossible to push into the gut and its surrounding areas under the rib cage.  This is not beneficial for your body's system or structure, the body was not designed to have a basketball growing out of the front of it all hard and full of starchy sugary garbage. Detoxing & cleansing need to be done regularly with the change of the seasons to reduce back up in intestines and to reduce your waistline. Having a certified practitioner apply visceral manipulation (organ massage), on this area will loosen your bowels, diaphragm, ease your breathing, and create space for a free flow of energy to take place. Taking supplements such as digestive enzymes and probiotics could also benefit the intestines, while drinking a detoxing tea on a daily basis would also be in one's best interest. I myself take these on a regular basis, especially if I am not getting it from my food intake. If you have any questions regarding abdominal massage, digestive enzymes or probiotics, feel free to send an email to Awakenwithin@hotmail.com and I will gladly answer what I can.